State of IT Consulting

By Stu Musil, Vice President of Delivery

When evaluating the current landscape of IT consulting, people often ask – how is business?

In recent years, the IT sector has weathered budget freezes, employee layoffs, and reductions in consultant numbers. Despite these challenges, the work in IT must persist.

Ambient Consulting’s Unique Approach to IT Consulting

Within the realm of IT consulting, there exists a variety of firms offering different levels of service. IT staffing agencies typically navigate the market's ebbs and flows, utilizing strategies such as submitting candidates into a vendor management system, often referred to as the 'spray and pray' approach. Others foster direct relationships with hiring managers, focusing on quickly and efficiently placing candidates to bolster client teams for specific durations.

Meanwhile, some firms specialize in providing IT solutions to clients. They engage in assessments, make recommendations, or prescribe courses of action without necessarily demonstrating or actively supporting the client throughout the process.

The Challenge: Staffing Issues. The Solution: Ambient Consulting Dives Deeper - LISTEN. ASSESS. DELIVER.

Recently, Ambient Consulting encountered a new client facing an IT challenge. Initially, the opportunity seemed like a straightforward staffing endeavor to replace multiple consultants, in various positions, however, upon deeper exploration, we uncovered underlying issues. Merely adding more consultants would have been similar to applying a Band-Aid to a larger wound, resulting in ongoing challenges for the client.

Instead, we engaged our IT Subject Matter Experts to explore the client's struggles and frustrations. Through active listening and thorough assessment, we proposed a comprehensive solution, demonstrating how we could address their needs effectively. At Ambient, we prioritize listening, assessing, and partnering with clients to craft solutions tailored to their specific challenges. This approach sets us apart as trusted advisors and partners in the IT consulting industry.  

IT Expertise Demand Is At An All Time High

In terms of hot areas within IT, trends such as AI and Automation have dominated in recent years. Additionally, there is significant demand for expertise in Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud Migration, and ERP implementations. These areas represent key opportunities for IT consultants to make impactful contributions in the evolving technological landscape.


IT Consulting Is In Demand, And Ambient Is Thriving

While the IT consulting industry presents its share of challenges, it also offers plenty of opportunities for growth and reward. As for the state of business at Ambient, it is thriving.We are continually identifying areas where clients require assistance, and we collaborate with them to develop innovative solutions.

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