5 Must See Movies for a Data Security Analyst

Are you a movie enthusiast? If yes, how about watching a movie while learning about the things you love?

As everyone knows, movies can strongly influence viewers and are a great source of pleasure, inspiration, and education. Some Hollywood coding movies can keep you on the edge of your seat, and you binge-watch them!

So, it’s time to grab a large bucket of popcorn since we’re going on a long ride to watch some fantastic movies. The primary list consists of movies containing scenes, a setting, a plot, main characters, etc., directly related to coding.

Movies For Data Security

Here is the list of the top 5 coding movies you must watch if you’re a programmer, data analyst, or UX/UI designer.

1. Hackers

Hackers was released in 1995 with Angelina Jolie and Jhonny Lee Miller as the main leads. It is the perfect film for anyone who has even a passing familiarity with computers. You will see a false GUI used in the computer sciences in this film. However, hackers succeed admirably in the movie department.

The story goes on as Jhonny Lee Miller (Dade Murphy), a notorious super hacker known for developing a damaging virus at eleven, recently relocates to New York City. A high school senior, Dade earns some young hackers’ respect and fights to create feelings for gorgeous Kate (Angelina Jolie). Dade and his pals become the focus of the FBI and “Plague,” a veteran hacker who now works as a corporate security officer after one of their members breaks into a company’s computer system. With the use of a computer virus, Plague plans to fake oil leaks so he can blame the kids for the cleanup and hide the proceeds of his multimillion-dollar fraud.

In short, Hackers has a similarly retro vibe, notably when the movie’s computer nerds get unduly enthused about 28.8Kbps Macs. Hackers is undoubtedly a must-watch if you’re an Angelina Jolie fan since she gives a good performance early in her acting career. It also occasionally has lovely Retro undertones. Even if you don’t overthink the computer scenes, you’ll appreciate the movie and feel a lot of nostalgia.

2. Enigma

Enigma was released on 10th March 2006, having Dougray Scott and Kane Winslet as the main characters. It is a hybrid film that tells the true story of the German Enigma codes’ decoding during World War II. The movie explains how the Enigma Machine work was admired since it helped crack the enigma code. Seeing the history of these early computers is incredibly inspirational.

The movie tells the story of those who labored at the illustrious Bletchley Park estate in the United Kingdom to crack the Germans’ decipherable secret codes. This significant accomplishment helped to end the war by a year. Dougray Scott (Tom Jericho), a bright mathematician with a poor grasp of interpersonal interactions, is at the center of the plot. Additionally, without using many bombs or weapons, the movie sustains a sense of wartime tension through intellectual work. It is impossible to avoid the realization that war occurs not only on the battlefield but also in all spheres of civil society.

3. Matrix

If you’re in the mood for an aesthetically stunning and energetic cyber adventure, then “The Matrix” is your way to go. The movie casts Keanu Reeves, a programmer and a hacker who receives cryptic signals from Morpheus, the leader of the motley crew that resides in a rocket ship. The Matrix is vast computer software that tricks people into thinking their world hasn’t ended and that they’re still living in it.

The movie starts by questioning what reality is and finishes with a shootout. However, people who like plots, twists, and suspense might be disappointed. Therefore, people who prefer one of those expected climaxes involving automatic weapon fire should refrain from watching this since it is purely made for people who like a leap of imagination.

The movie witnesses dozens, if not hundreds, of violent drills that regulate the same old concepts, “thousands of shots are fired by the bad guys without success at the good guy” ahh, we’re tired of this! The final clash between evil and goodness will occur in a martial arts match, during which the good person will be beaten until he is nearly dead before finding the strength to fight back.

4. Takedown

Takedown is an intriguing film that tells the story of famous computer hacker Kevin Mitnick. The main focus of Takedown is the infamous American hacker Kevin Mitnick. He was the world’s prosperous, most skilled, and sought-after hacker at the time.

In terms of hacking, he was not a hacker for financial benefit but rather to satisfy his preoccupation with proving that the impossible was possible and that he was the only person capable of accomplishing it.

Kevin Mitnick files a lawsuit against the production for inaccurate portrayal and defamation. The production firm settles the case without ever having the opportunity to release the movie in the USA. Although it’s a very entertaining and realistic film, errors are always there when arduous computer work that takes weeks, months, and occasionally even years is involved.

In the closing part of the movie, Mitnick wanted to hack the FBI, the Pentagon, and the world’s largest and most influential organizations. He got the notice of FBI agents Mitch Gibson and McCoy Rollins through his hacking offenses, computer security expert Tsutomu Shimomura, and Christopher McDonald (Tom Berenger).

The FBI agents cannot defeat Mitnick alone, but with Tsutomu’s assistance, they can get closer to the paranoid hacker by this point.

5. Who Am I: No System is Safe

Who am I: No System is Safe retains its uniqueness and European flair throughout the movie. It uses a lot of IoT, city infrastructure, and computer interfaces with the city buildings that surround us every day and does a remarkable job of raising one’s awareness in that way.

Director Baran bo Odar beautifully shot the film, and the cast, which included Tom Schilling, Wotan Wilke Möhring, and Elyas M’Barek, gave excellent performances. With this film, you can expect an action movie about coding and hacking rather than a true story or documentary with high realism.


Movies are a great option when you need to pass the time, but what if you can learn something in that time too? That’s where coding movies come into play. In this list, we have mentioned the top 5 coding movies made in Hollywood that glorify hackers. So, if you’re a programmer or love coding, these films are made just for you!

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